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Respecting indigenous voices: with Whaea Linda Toki

With Whaea Lynda Toki (right) - Wharenui, Unitec

Witnessing and solidarity without action is spectatorship"

 Dr Evangelia Papoutsaki


for social

change communication


I am an engaged global citizen with a passion for social justice; a social change communication scholar, editor, published author, content curator, podcaster, and educator; and a dedicated mentor to young women, agents of change and emerging researchers. I bring rich international experience  (Asia-Pacific, Oceania, former Soviet Union &  Europe) in the field of social change communication research, education and practice; media education, island studies, ethnic/diaspora media, oral history. .

  • Research Training

  • Research Design & Evaluation

  • Advocacy Research

  • Project Design & Evaluation

  • Curriculum Development & Evaluation

  • Proposal & Report writing

  • Communication for Development & Social Change

  • Communication Campaign Design & Evaluation

  • Editorial & Publishing work

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Civic Education

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Building Networks Facilitator




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Deep Ecology Facilitator: The Work That Reconnects
Co-Convenor: Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) International Network
New Book: Mapping the Media and Communication Landscape of Central Asia
Co-Editor: Island Activisms - Okinawan Journal of Island Studies, 2023(4:2)
& Island Creativity, Ingenuity, & Practice, Island Studies Journal, Vol18(2)
Lead Researcher: Aotearoa New Zealand Government Evacuation and Resettlement Support for the 2021 Afghanistan crisis
Certificate of Prof. Dev.: Stepping Into Governance Workshop for Ethnic Communities - Governance NZ
Dialogos private practice for social change communication, research and training
Pacific knowledge competence


“Papoutsaki goes further than theory: she gives us the root and branch mechanisms for how to turn this into action...the 'tweezers and microscope'”  - J.C

Your course is really powerful and impressive, but what is more important for me is your passionate personality. You are a great example of what a real Teacher should be - open-minded, sincere, charismatic, experienced and warm-hearted. I have began to look at the world from another perspective. Thank you very much! -A.D. CSC 2017

MEDIA COVER: "Island Girl"



"As long as societies distribute needs and power unequally between populations, it is unethical for communications and human service professionals to help solve minor and/or immediate problems while ignoring the systemic barriers created by societies that permit or perpetuate inequalities among citizens. Real change is not possible unless we deal with the crucial problem in human societies: lack of economic and social power among individuals at the grassroots"

- Melkote, 2000, p.46


CRETAN WOMEN MIGRANTS IN NZ/AUSTRALIA in the 60s–Digital Storytelling

Aim: Build a platform to host an oral history project that documents the personal narratives of female post-war immigrants; explores from a gender perspective how women experience migration;  follows the migration loop - Compare migration experiences between those women who chose to stay & those who either returned to their country or chose to migrate for the second time to Australia. (funded by Auckland Council Creative Communities NZ)

Advocacy Research on Evacuation and Settlement Support Needs of Afghan Nationals involved in the NZ Government’s Response to the Taliban Takeover in August 2021

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