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Dialogos ltd
Mentoring, Coaching & Facilitating
for Personal, Institutional & Social Change

"We talk to the people close to us all the time, but quite often it's about everyday stuff... Conversations about

bigger things in life arent's always as easy to just slip into, even though they are often a lot more important.

Things like which set patterns in your life you'd like to change. Or whether you feel you are making

good use of your talents." - Flow 35

Conversational mentoring is a meeting of minds where both the mentor and the mentee take turns to lead

and feed into the other, helping release the restrictions of the mind so you to take those risks needed to

bring change and trust the process so you can not only find but also amplify your unique voice

as an individual and as a small collective working in the field of social change.

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"Conversational coaching is the art of informally using coaching techniques during the course of an everyday conversation. Coaching can have a variety of purposes but the main premise is that the coach assumes that the person being coached is the best person to create their own solutions and in addition, has all of the resources and information they need within themselves.

Conversational coaching can be used as a way of helping someone to establish their desired outcome, make the best possible decision about a given situation, analyse a complex scenario, look at an issue from a new perspective, find a solution to a problem or simply just trigger a new or more positive pattern of thinking." - Sharon Grant

Mentoring for Conversational Leadership is about helping you to appreciate "the extraordinary but underutilized power of conversation, recognizing that we can all lead, and adopt a conversational approach to the way in which we live and work together in an increasingly complex world." - David Gurteen

As a "guide" and "weaver", I believe in meeting you where you are and assisting you with what you are looking for in order to grow while sharing those tools you need to implement change in that aspect of your life that needs it most.


A skillful mentor with years of international experience through diverse organizational, social, cultural and educational contexts, I take a conversational and holistic approach to mentoring and coaching. 


I work with individuals and small collectives that act as catalysts/advocates/activists for positive social change both at a personal and community/collective level.


I facilitate the “unmooring” from old bounded spaces towards new “unused futures”.


Depending on your location, we can have either face to face or online sessions tailored to your needs. I offer my mentoring skills in the following areas:

  • Envisioning Career & Life Change: guiding through the challenging times of change (Women Embodying Change 6 Sessions Program)

  • Mentoring for Social Change Communication: for individuals and collectives serving communities (CommSoCha Certificate Program)

  • Developing Conversational Teams: mentoring for small groups/collectives

  • Experiencing Conversational Women's Circles: supporting the collective feminine transformation

  • "Re-wilding" the Self: walking in nature mentoring conversations

  • Setting Life Purpose Goals: mentoring for new graduates

"Thank you so much for mentoring me …. for giving me a direction in order to reach my destination… You are not only extremely skilled at your work but also are a wonderful human being."

"...Thank you for inspiring and advising me at a time in my life when it was very much needed."

"I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm for my project and for helping me to find the magic in my work rather than just let it be a tick box exercise.  I really took heed of your words of advice too and feel excited about what's ahead."