Media Freedom Day 2006 - DWU/PNG

UNESCO Chair-holder, Freedom of Expression, Papua New Guinea, 2003-06


UNESCO Model Curricula Reviewer for Journalism Education for Developing Countries and Emerging Democracies project, 2007


Invited Guest speaker, United Nations University, International Leadership Institute, Jordan, 2008 (see under training/guest speaker)

Papoutsaki, E. 2008. The Need for Local Research Approaches: De-Westernising Research Methodologies for Higher Education Curricula in Developing Countries. In Vessuri & Teichler, Universities as Centres for Research: An Endangered Species? UNESCO/Sense: Rotterdam.

Syndicate Team Programme Participant:  Journalism Education in a Socio-Cultural, Politically Diverse World Team, ‘1st World Journalism Education Congress’ (WJEC- UNESCO), Singapore, 26-28 June 2007

Papoutsaki, E. 2006. De-Westernizing Research Methodologies Alternative Approaches to Research for Higher Education Curricula in Developing Countries. Global Colloquium of the UNESO Forum on Higher Education, Research & Knowledge, Paris, France 29 Nov – 1 Dec

Papoutsaki, E. 2006. C11 Policy Brief: Alternative Research Methodologies, UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge.

UN WSIS World Summit on the Information Society Participant:  invited by the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme to participate at the round-table on the ‘Role of UNESCO in the Construction of Knowledge Societies’, Tunis, 18 November 2005


UNESCO Regional Seminar Observer: ‘Implications of WTO/GATS on the Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific’, Seoul, 27-29 April 2005


UNESCO Higher Education & Research, 1st Regional Seminar, invited participant: United Nations University, Tokyo, May 12-14, 2004

Papoutsaki, E. 2004. UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme, Progress Report - Period of activity: 2003 – 2004 UNESCO Chair in Freedom and Expression.