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[new singled authored book project: Island Communicative Ecologies: an ethnographic and communication conceptual framework for island studies. Proposal stage]

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Papoutsaki, E. McManus, & M. Matbob, P. (Eds) 2011. Communication, Culture and Society in PNG: you toktok long housat?  Pacific Media Centre: Auckland & DWU Press: Madang

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Papoutsaki, E. & Harris, U. (Eds.) 2008. Pacific Islands Communication Issues: Local Issues, Regional Perspectives. AMIC/USP/PMC-AUT: Singapore.

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[recommended textbook for the Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism, AUT and Macquarie University]


Papoutsaki, E. & Rooney, D. (Eds.) 2006. Media, Communication and Development in Papua New Guinea. DWU Press: Madang

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Papoutsaki, E. & Zurabishvili, T. (Eds.) 2004. Caucasus Higher Education in Transition. CEP: Tbilisi.

"This volume itself constitutes a part of the very communications-minded reform here advocated. It not only provides an outlet for the research of a number of young scholars connected to the Communication Arts Department at Divine Word University, it will also serve as a valuable textbook for future students of media and communications in Papua New Guinea and beyond."  - James Slotta Franklin & Marshall College

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