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Deputy Editor for Digital Communications: Island Studies Journal


Editorial Board Member: SHIMA The International Journal of Research into island Cultures

Founding and Managing Editor: Unitec ePress

Advisory Board Member: Okinawan Journal of Island Studies

Editor: Horizon Magazine, Amami Islands online magazine

Co-editor: Information Technologies & International Development [special issue: Vol 12, Issue 4 Winter 2016: Digital Media, Technologies and Social Change in the Pacific Islands].

Co-editor: Communication Journal of New Zealand [special issue: intercultural communication Vol.12.no 1. 2011]

International Advisory Board member & reviewer: Journalism and Mass Communication Educator Journal (USA)


Editorial Advisory Board Member: Pacific Journalism Review, Pacific Media Centre


Book Reviews Editor: Pacific Journalism Review, 2009


Editorial Advisory Board Member: Contemporary PNG Studies: DWU Research Journal. DWU Press, Madang, PNG, 2006-2010


Founding Co-editor: Contemporary PNG Studies: DWU Research Journal. DWU Press, Madang, PNG, 2004-2006


Editor, Reviewer & Contributor: various journals, conference reviewing panels, newsletters, and other publications (i.e. Fiji Studies Journal, Central Asia Review, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Journal of Intercultural Studies, IAFOR, ANZCA, NZCA, WJEC, SBCC etc)