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  • Evangelia Papoutsaki

The Vachengeti

To be called a Vachengeti/Keeper/Mentor for this truly amazing new initiative, "Sesa Mathlo Apothecary", is an honor that I will carry with much gratefulness for it gives me an opportunity to make a contribution to social change and work with a collective that values social justice and wellness.

Check it out and come join us in the Kuumba mentoring Circles or the Wells program on race, culture and identity!

An initiative of Makanaka Tuwe, the Nyanduri (Storyteller), cultural producer, curator, activist & Herbalist of Sesa Mathlo Apothecary:

"Flowing at the intersections of collective wellness, embodied self-care and social justice, Sesa Mathlo Apothecary’s mission is to transform the embodied experience through unlearning the embodied patterns that keep oppression in place. We do this through experiential learning, body-based somatic practices, race, culture and identity workshops, anti-oppressive education and resources, herbal infusions and a commitment to lifelong learning.

‘Sesa Mathlo’ loosely translates to opening one's eyes in Sesotho and cleaning one's eyes in Chichewa. It’s opening, seeing and recognising what's within. We see it as the journey to liberation, freedom, mindfulness, social justice and peace; which all begin with seeing ourselves, each other and the environments we occupy wholly. "


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