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Island community media encounters

As I am getting closer to complete the first part of my data collection in the Amami Islands (I will be back!), I am reflecting on the many great meetings I had with many inspiriting media people, especially the local community radios and the young reporters who are keen to make sure their islands have a media presence.

As Miyuki Sakui said to me: "it's important to have Kikai-Jima stories in the newspapers for others to read, but it's more important that her island's stories are read by her fellow islanders; there is much information flowing into the island from the outside world but not enough information about the island for the Islanders."

And Amami FM founder Kengo Fumoto's contribution about community media was worth noting: "community media is an extension of people's daily communication", as it should be! This has been perhaps one of my best research field trips ever!

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