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Island rabbit encounters

Futoshi Hamada, at his own admission, wants to be remembered as the Rabbit Man. That was his answer to my question that offered him several other options: award winning photographer, Amamian, island ecologist...

For Hamada-san, the black Amamian rabbit, unique to these islands, is his passion. He spent 40 days and nights with his camera in a forest that is full of Habu (venomous snakes) to record a black rabbit mama feeding her baby. That is dedication beyond description. And as he says, the rabbit has reciprocated by taking him to Washington to receive an award at the Smithsonian. His video is captivating and well deserving the award:

Hamada-san and his wife Yuriko-san founded and run this wonderful island magazine, Horizon, that contained many of Futoshi's island inspired photographs. I keep meeting the most inspiring people in these islands, I hope the inspiration is contagious so I can also by proxy be infused by their inspiration.

For the Amamian black rabbit see here:

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