January 6, 2018

My research fellowship took me on an unexpected journey of exploration of the Amami Islands over a period of six months, in the second half of 2017, during which not only I collected much valuable data for my research but also encountered many wonderful and inspiring island people from an amazing array of backgrounds. It was through these often informal, social and personal encounters with local people that I learned what it means to be an Amamian and to live...

November 30, 2017

Part of my research with Sueo Kuwahara on the Amami islands is mapping their communication systems, including community radio and any other form of collective communicative action.

Uken FM is perhaps the best community radio I have come across and it was a delight returning there this week to talk to some of the program hosts. This community radio replaced the BusaiMusen system which was an emergency and disaster announcing tool.

Everyone had a device installed...

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